Dogs & Cats

We love animals!  The kids grew up on a farm that had a host of animals including a Palomino horse named “Crazy Horse”, a rabbit that had a crush on the horse (that lead to it’s unfortunate demise), a dozen Easter Egg chickens that laid pastel colored eggs (my favorite was Mrs. Green – a hell of a hen), three hilarious escapee goats (Cinnamon, Applesauce and Bambi) who drove my husband nuts, and an assortment of strays that came and went including a pig, sheep, turkey,one-eyed chipmunk, and a few crazy roosters.  And, of course, we’ve always had dogs – our favorite! We’d have cats too if it wasn’t for a severe allergy two of us have and can’t get past.  With that said, it didn’t take long for me to want to come up with a beaded collar for our four legged besties.  These fun collars can be made in colors that perfectly coordinate with your pet’s unique coloring and/or personality.  My dogs now have collars for each of the major holidays and one to support our football team (Go Hawks!). The smaller collars work for both small breed dogs, puppies and cats.  Go on, “frost” your fluffy friends!

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