Spring Flowers

The most beautiful sign that spring has finally sprung is the flowers! Just as Cara wears her snowflake earrings each winter to “will” the cold rain to turn to snow, I wear flower jewelry to coax the beautiful, delicate cherry blossoms to break the gloom with their glorious masses of pink and white. We have an ever growing collection of spring and summer flower projects you can make to adorn yourself from spring right through late summer. Beginners will want to check out the very popular “Garden Joy” statement bracelet inspired by Ron of Gig Harbor Beads; and those with a tad of experience will want to check out the very popular “Lovely Lattice” bracelet that looks terrific in virtually every color scheme we’ve tried it in. If you can’t find all the materials you need at your local bead store, check out our kit site to see if your favorite design is available as a complete beading kit.