Necklaces & Pendants

Recently, I’ve been noticing retailers pairing up a beautiful necklace on a display to help “dress up” and sell an otherwise run-of-the-mill shirt or dress, and it’s amazing what a difference it makes! While Cara is a bracelet nut, I’m a necklace lover; I’ve even been known to wear them with my workout clothes (which, by the way, women in the Pacific Northwest wear as everyday street clothes – I think its our way of dealing with all the gray and rain : ). We offer a wide variety of necklaces in numerous techniques; many of which can be made shorter to create a matching bracelet! We also have a lot of great pendant tutorials (for you pendant fans – me included), most of which include full instructions for how to finish the project off as a necklace; several even show you how to make the design into matching earrings! Go ahead, pair that old t-shirt or sweater up with a dazzling necklace and look like a rock star!

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