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“Beaded Awareness Ribbon Pin” Downloadable PDF Beading Tutorial #24109

Raise awareness and show your support for your special cause with a lovely beaded “Beaded Awareness Ribbon”. This simple beading pattern, which features over 70 high-resolution full-color photos and easy to follow step-by-step directions, will teach beaders (even absolute beginners) how to make this lovely 1”x 2¾” beaded ribbon pin in your cause’s color using affordable, and easy to find supplies. Whether it’s for yourself, a loved one, or group of supporters, this lovely, firm beaded ribbon pin can be worn with virtually anything and is a great way to show your caring support!

Different color ribbons: Awareness ribbons can be made up in many different colors to support numerous causes near and dear to countless individuals who are struggling with varying issues (such as Autism awareness or support for our troops – to name just two). Our sample is in pink because breast cancer awareness is a common and high profile cause. But, we’d like you to know that our love and best wishes are with you through whatever challenge(s) you’re dealing with. As always, bead happy!

Tutorial by: Lane Landry

Recommended Materials:
–  6lb FireLine beading thread
–  #12 beading needle
–  11/0 seed beads – I  used Toho brand seed beads but any uniform size seed bead will work
–  3–hole pin back, 1” in size, with locking bar (metal)
–  Flush cutter

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