Beautiful Bow Bracelet


PDF beading pattern available for instant download that you can print out and/or conveniently view on your device. See description below for details.

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Product Description

“Beautiful Bow Bracelet” Downloadable PDF Beading Tutorial

Putting a bow on something is synonymous with a special occasion – a gift, a dress, a car, your hair – you name it. Bows are beautiful and happy! Now you can make a stunning beaded bow bracelet that you can wear to help you celebrate a special occasion (from Valentines to New Years and everything in between), or a personally important occasion (birthday, date night : ), or a loved one (such as pink or yellow for support). This simple beading pattern, featuring over 85 high resolution photos and easy to follow step by step instructions (one photo per step), will teach you how to make a “Beautiful Bow Bracelet” to help you celebrate and share your love. Bead Happy!

Tutorial by: Lane Landry

Recommended Materials:
– 6lb FireLine beading thread
– 10lb FireLine beading thread
– #12 long beading needle
– 8/0 Toho seed beads
– 6mm round fire polished bead
– #3 bugles (2x7mm)
– 11/0 seed beads
– End clasps
– Flush cutter

* If you have any trouble finding these materials at your bead store, check out Simple Bead Kits to see if we offer complete beading kits for this design. If not, contact us and request one!

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