Byzantine Chainmaille


PDF beading pattern available for instant download that you can print out and/or conveniently view on your device. See description below for details.

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Product Description

“Byzantine Chainmaille” Digital Beading Pattern Tutorial #1529

This simple beading pattern will easily teach you how to make a beautifully intricate “Byzantine Chainmaille” necklace or bracelet!  With over 25 high resolution full color photos and easy to follow step by step directions, you’ll have a beautiful new chainmaille project to show off!  A great project for beginners! Happy beading!

Recommended Materials:
– (About 18 rings / 1 inch) 7mm 18 gauge open jump rings – I used 7mm rings for my silver sample and 4.47mm rings for my bronze sample, but you can use smaller rings for a more delicate chain if you’d like. It will take more than 18 jump rings/inch if you go with a smaller size. I would not go smaller then 3.5mm open jump rings for a “Byzantine Chainmaille” piece.
– Chain nose pliers
– Clasp – lobster claw and jump ring, toggle, etc.

Special Note: When purchasing your jump rings, you can get higher quality jump rings that have a precision cut, or you may get some that are not as precisely made. The silver jump rings I used in this pattern are not the highest quality, so you can see that the ends of the jump rings do not meet perfectly. My bronze sample was made with Beadalon’s Artistic Wire jump rings, which are precision made. Personally, I have found that whether you use regular jump rings or higher quality rings, the chainmaille pieces turn out equally beautiful!

* If you have any trouble finding these materials at your bead store, check out Simple Bead Kits to see if we offer complete beading kits for this design. If not, contact us and request one!

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