Heart on the Line

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PDF beading pattern available for instant download that you can print out and/or conveniently view on your device. See description below for details.

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Product Description

“Heart on the Line Necklace” Downloadable PDF Beading Tutorial #24320

There’s a lot to love about this unique and dazzling design!  First, this substantial 3-dimensional (puff) crystal heart measures over 1¼” wide, 1” tall and over ½” deep, making it a lovely, eye-catching statement piece.  Second, this design is made using a single needle technique (vs. the more common double thread or double needle techniques used for puff hearts) so it’s super easy to handle and deal with while you work.  And, you can use either Monofilament (Illusion Cord/fishing line) or beading thread (i.e. FireLine), which ever you prefer.  Third, we’ll finish it off by running flexible beading wire through the middle of the heart for a fresh and flattering look.  Finally, this tutorial (which includes; over 90 high resolution full color photos, step-by-step detail instructions and a full color bead diagram to help illustrate every step) will have you done with your necklace in a heartbeat!  What’s not to love!  If you prefer to hang your heart from the top, please see my “Heart On A String” tutorial which is essentially the same design except we stitch a bail in the center instead of a crystal, and I show you how to finish it off with a chain, ribbon and/or satin cord.  Either way you hang, you’ll be glad you put your beautiful heart out there for all to see and enjoy.  Bead happy!

Tutorial by: Lane Landry

Recommended Materials:
–  Either .010 clear Monofilament (Illusion Cord) or 10lb FireLine beading thread
–  Big eye needle (for Monofilament) or #12 beading needle (if using 10lb FireLine)
–  4mm crystal bicones
–  Flexible beading wire
–  2x2mm crimp tubes
–  3mm crimps covers (optional)
–  End clasps
–  Crimper tool
–  Flush cutter
–  Tape – clear or painter’s tape

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