Pet Collar Size XS

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PDF beading pattern available for instant download that you can print out and/or conveniently view on your device. See description below for details.

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Product Description

“Personalized Dog / Cat Beaded Pet Collar – Extra Small” Downloadable Beading Tutorial #6532

This is a fabulous dog or cat collar that is completely customizable. It looks like a loom project but is done with beading wire and No Loom! You can stitch in your pet’s name or any combination of their name, fun symbols, funny phrase (such as “Santa’s Helper” or “Throw The Ball!”), your phone number (so you can eliminate their noisy name tag if you want) or even the name of your favorite sports team. There’s no end to the possibilities; you’ll want to make several – I have! This one’s for Cricket – our tiny little jumper.

This pattern, featuring over 65 high resolution full color photos and easy to follow step-by-step directions, will show and tell you how to make your furry, cat or toy breed dog a personalized collar ½” wide and anywhere from 6” to 12” long (keeping length proportional with the collar width). I include patterns (both wide & narrow) for each alphabet letter and numbers 0-9 as well as some punctuation marks and lots of fun symbols. I also offer some helpful tips for choosing successful color schemes, bead types, and finishes so you get a great result. This design uses a .5 inch (11mm) standard plastic side-release buckle (just like the ones on most pet collars) so taking it on and off is a snap! This collar was designed to be both comfortable and durable, and should hold up to regular wear for many years to come. Note: This collar was designed as “Pet Jewelry” only and should not be used or relied upon as a restraint, or as a collar you intend to attach a lead or restraint to for walks or any other purpose. That’s my disclaimer : ) So go ahead, spoil your furry best friend with a custom collar that will make him or her look bead-utifle and show off your mad beading skills! Have fun and “Bead Happy”! Note: Similar patterns also available in Large, Medium and Small sizes.

Tutorial by: Lane Landry

Recommended Materials:
– 4lb FireLine beading thread
– #13 long beading needle (we usually use #12’s but those are too thick for this project)
– .5 inch (11mm) parachute buckle or plastic side release buckle (preferably“non-adjustable”, though these are hard to find. Because this is a beaded collar, it is not adjustable.
– .015” (.38 mm) bead stringing wire (I used a 7 strand Beadalon)
– 15/0 seed beads x (2-3) colors
– Flush cutter
– 2x2mm Crimp Beads/Tubes
– 3mm Crimp covers
– Crimper Tool

* If you have any trouble finding these materials at your bead store, check out Simple Bead Kits to see if we offer complete beading kits for this design. If not, contact us and request one!

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