Tin Cup Collection


PDF beading pattern available for instant download that you can print out and/or conveniently view on your device. See description below for details.

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Product Description

“Tin Cup Collection” Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet Beading Tutorial #16728

This necklace is popularly known as a “Station” necklace, “floating” necklace and most recently, as a “Tin Cup” necklace (as popularized by the 1996 movie Tin Cup in which Rene Russo wore a version of this necklace with widely spaced pearls).  I was inspired to make this design into a pattern when I was taken by one worn by a well known female political figure.  I though it just looked so feminine (without too much frill) and classy!  And, it offered just the right “something” to set off her outfit without being too overpowering.  I imagined that it could go with (and dress-up) virtually anything!  And I was right – I love mine!  I think this necklace could become your go to necklace too!  Make one up in either satiny pearls or sparkling crystals for those special (or semi-special) occasions that you want to add a touch of class and sparkle to your wardrobe.  In this simple beading pattern, with over 40 high resolution photos and easy to follow step-by-step directions, I will teach you how to easily make a lovely float necklace and/or bracelet and a pair of drop earrings to match.  This is a great pattern for beginner beaders, or beginners to wire wrapping.

Tutorial by: Lane Landry

Recommended Materials:

–  Chain
–  20 gauge wire
–  6mm beads
–  4mm open jump rings
–  End clasps

–  Chain
–  20 gauge wire
–  6mm beads
–  4mm open jump rings
–  Set end clasps

–  Chain
–  6mm beads
–  20 – 22 gauge head pins with 1.5mm ball – I purchased mine from www.ShipwreckBeads.com
–  Earwires – I used ear posts with clutch

Common Tools:
–  Flush cutter
–  Chain nose or flat nose pliers
–  Round nose pliers

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* If you have any trouble finding these materials at your bead store, check out Simple Bead Kits to see if we offer complete beading kits for this design. If not, contact us and request one!

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