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Holiday Earrings Beading PatternsIt’s so much fun to make beaded earrings that celebrate major holidays.  You may end up only wearing a pair of holiday earrings for a few weeks (ahead of and during the holiday), but the amount of enjoyment and attention it will glean is well worth the effort!  Cara and I follow the general rule that while our local retail box store has a particular holiday’s inventory featured out front, then it’s in peoples’ awareness and thus an appropriate time to wear that holiday jewelry (the fact that holiday items appear a little earlier every year only means we can enjoy wearing them that much longer).

Remember, all of our earring beading patterns will hold your hand every step of the way, ensuring you’ll have fun and will be successful with your handmade earrings - we guarantee it! Thank you for shopping Simple Bead Patterns and, as always, bead happy!

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