“Wicker Weave Earrings” design

Just Released!

“Wicker Weave Earrings” Beading Pattern

We’re excited to announce that we’re designing again (after a long and unexpected pause), and this is the first of several new designs to be released.

Our new quarter Tila earrings are super fashionable and perfect for spring and summer. Featuring popular and fun-to-work-with 2-hole quarter Tila beads, these visually intriguing “Wicker Weave Earrings” are fast to stitch up and look lovely on. We also have a lovely coordinating necklace and bracelet in the works, so keep an eye out for those (make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter).

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New “Wicker Weave” Beading Kits!

Beaded flowers are so much fun to make!

We’ve always appreciated flowers. But when we discovered the joy of gardening, our love of flowers grew like weeds! Now, we have nearly 100 beaded flower patterns and kits for you to stitch up and enjoy. Beaded flower earrings make great gifts for all ages, and a few of our beaded flower designs are perfect for brides and bridesmaids. Oh, and don’t miss the beaded rainbow earrings we designed during the lockdown to lift spirits and brighten even the darkest days.

Beaded flower patterns and kits
Flower Corsage Bracelet

“Flower Corsage Bracelet” design

Cherry Blossom Collection

These beaded cherry blossoms are a perfect way to celebrate spring and are a great way to brighten any day.  Both tutorials and kits are available for these fun designs.

“Beautiful Beaded Blooms” design

Flowers are springing up everywhere

And these cute beaded blooms never fade!

Bursting forth from sweet little clay pots (topped with a bit of green moss), these beautiful beaded flowers are guaranteed to bloom year round and brighten up any corner of your home or office. They require no special care and always look fresh (no pinching back required), thrive in either sun or shade, are pest and fragrance-free, need no watering, and are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

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Celebrate love!

Matching Sets

We love to design coordinating jewelry because it makes accessorizing so easy (no guessing what works with what) and wearing pieces that tie together perfectly give you a smart, cohesive look.

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One design – so many possibilities!

Change the Color Scheme

Our “Twisted Peyote” design (shown here in multiple colorways) is just one example of how you can drastically change the look of a beaded design just by changing the color scheme of the beads you use.  We try to stitch up multiple color samples of each of our projects to help you visualize them in your favorite colors, or to show you how they can work for different holidays or seasons. So, if you like a design, but the color scheme doesn’t float your boat, just imagine it in your favorite colors (and make sure you browse through all the color samples we’ve stitched up to help you see it differently).  Tip: If you go with a predominately light color scheme, make sure you use crystal (or light colored) thread.  If using dark beads, use smoke (or dark-colored thread). That way, the thread blends in better with the beads and is less likely to show. 

Change the length

Who doesn’t love a good “two for one”!  Beaded tubes are not only enjoyable to stitch up (with their therapeutic repeating processes), but, in most cases, you can stitch them up to be a bracelet and a matching necklace!

Test your knowledge of different bead stitches with our fun “Guess that Beading Technique” game!

“Lane and Cara’s instructions and photos are the best I’ve experienced – they constantly amaze me with how easy they make bead weaving. This pretty poinsettia bracelet worked up fairly quickly and will look great with the matching earrings. I can’t wait to make the necklace!” – Mary