Is it a Bracelet or a Necklace? Why not Both!

We are often asked if a particular bracelet design could be made into a necklace - or if a necklace pattern could be made into a bracelet.   In many cases, the answer is a simple yes - just adjust for the desired length as your making your project.  But, beginner beaders should note that this lucky happenstance doesn't apply to all necklace and bracelet designs.  Many bracelets designs simply won't work as a necklace because they wouldn't lay correctly, or drape in a flattering manner around a neck (such as a wide cuff bracelet).  Some necklace designs won't work well as a bracelet for similar reasons (such as a tiered layered necklace).  How do you know for sure which patterns will work equally well either way?

Dual purpose designs

Dual purpose designs (patterns that work equally well as either a bracelet or a necklace) are indicated as such in the pattern title.  For example, they will say the name of the design followed by the phrase "Bracelet / Necklace Beading Pattern".  If you find one of those, and we offer many, then you know the pattern can be made into either a bracelet or a necklace (or both for a great matching jewelry set).