Welcome to our brand new website!

We took a few months off from beading to completely redesign our website, so it is now secured with an SSL security certificate (https) and now completely mobile friendly.  While we were at it, we also added lots of helpful new content and beading resources (see the new features below).  We worked hard to make sure the transition would be as simple as possible for those with accounts on our website.  Please rest assured that all of the beading patterns you've purchased in the past are still accessible in your account on this new website. 

Please note that you'll need to reset your password the first time you log in (it can be the same password as it was before).  If you have any trouble, please contact us - we're here to help!  Once you log in, you will also be able to update your first and last name.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of our shop.  Please, please, do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems - we will address your concerns as quickly as possible!


Cara & Lane

New website features!

Safe & Secure

We want you to feel absolutely safe and secure while browsing and shopping our website.  This new website is protected by an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate as evidenced by the https:// at the beginning of our website URL (or online address).  This SSL certificate ensures that all information passed between our web servers and your browser remains private and secure. Also, when placing an order, we DO NOT ask for (or store) any additional personal information.  If you pay with a credit card, once you proceed to check out, the secure PayPal payment interface will ask for your street address and credit card information to complete the order.  This information is not captured or stored on our Simple Bead Patterns website at all.

Easy Navigation

We have hundreds of beading patterns available, with more added almost every week.  We did our best to organize our new website so that you can easily find what you're looking for.  Beading patterns are sorted by project type (bracelet, necklace, earrings, etc.) on the top menu bar, and then broken down even further by technique, popular beads used, type of project, and season or holiday.  Please note, you may find some categories are not as full as others.  We have an epic long list of projects to design!  So, stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of new patterns and special sales as they're offered.

Easy Shopping for Beginners

We’re often asked which beading tutorials we would recommend for a new beader.  That can be tough to answer because all of our beading patterns are written so that beaders of any skill level can easily complete the project, including absolute beginner beaders.  But, some projects are less involved and thus easier than others.  So, with that in mind, we’ve labeled all of the tutorials that we think may be the easiest and most enjoyable for a new beader.  Look for the patterns with the word "easy" in the top right corner.  You can view easy beading patterns by project type (bracelet, necklace, earrings, etc.).  If you're a beginner and new to our beading patterns, make sure you visit our helpful resource page for beginners.

Sales & Savings

The more you buy, the more you save!  If you're looking to purchase several beading patterns at the same time, you can now choose from several coupon codes to help you save money on your beading pattern purchase.  Click here to see what coupons are available.   You can also apply these coupons with the frequent sales on our website.  We'll post our current sales on the top of our homepage, as well as in our email newsletter.  

Helpful Resources

Our new website now has a growing resources section, where we share helpful tips about beading supplies, tools, and storage techniques, as well as design aids and jewelry making references guides.  We'll be frequently adding to this section, so be sure to check back often.

Bead Happy Blog

We are excited to announce our new Bead Happy Blog where Lane will be sharing handy tips and tricks with you.  She will be covering topics such as bead shopping, how to best organize all those beading supplies, color & design tips, and creative solutions to help make beading easier and even more enjoyable!

Be sure to bookmark our blog page so you can check back often and see what's new.

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