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We’re constantly working on fun new beading tutorials, and we always appreciate hearing what types of beading projects you want to make.  If you can’t find instructions on our website for how to make a particular design or beading technique, please feel free to submit a suggestion using the button below.

Please note:

We respect other designers' copyrights, and we will not knowingly or purposefully copy anyone else's original work.  If we feel inspired by your suggestion (and feel it may have a broader appeal to our customers) we may choose to create a similar but substantially different design of our own.  We'll let you know if and when we come up with something so you can take a look at it.  You're never under any obligation to purchase a pattern we design as a result of a suggestion.
Note: On the Contact Us page, just select "Submit a Pattern Suggestion" from the Subject drop-down box.
Feel free to submit a suggestion for a beading project you'd like to make but can't find a pattern for.

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These fun Russian spiral beaded Christmas trees were inspired by a suggestion we received from a customer.  We appreciate the great ideas for new beading patterns - keep them coming!

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