If beaded rings are your thing, we’ve got ring kits in several styles, including upscaled cocktail beaded stretch rings and classy bead woven rings. Also, check out our popular beaded hair clip kits. Ring kits and beaded hair barrette kits make great gifts for crafty friends and family. If you’re a beginner beader, be sure to look for the “Easy” label in the top left corners of the listings to see which beaded earring kits are best for beginners. Note: Please remember to use the drop-down selection box to choose how you wish to receive the tutorial for your earring kit. Click here to learn more.

Our beading kits include all the supplies needed to make your desired project in your chosen color scheme. We even include one of our favorite beading needles and FireLine thread. Please note: Beading tools such as pliers and cutters are not included, and remember, the beading pattern must be purchased separately (in your chosen format).

If you ever have an issue with a kit, don’t worry, just reach out.  We’ll drop whatever we’re doing to help out or make it right, you have our guarantee!

Thank you for shopping Simple Bead Patterns, and, as always, bead happy! ~ Lane & Cara (mother & daughter)