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Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial
Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial
Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial
Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial
Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial
Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial
Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial
Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial
Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial
Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial

Super Simple Sea Glass Necklace Tutorial

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Tutorial Features:

  • Learn how to drill sea glass and make your own simple sea glass pendant necklace.
  • 8 page tutorial with over 35 close-up photos and detailed instructions that hold your hand every step of the way - including finishing off to size.
  • Complete Materials Page that itemizes exactly what you'll need (including bead color information and approximate quantities) to make the project.
  • PDF beading tutorial you can instantly download and conveniently view on any computer or portable device (and/or print out).
  • Super fast and friendly service. Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions or trouble and we'll do our best to help.
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Easy Sea Glass Necklace Beach Glass Jewelry Making Beading Tutorial #422

Sea glass jewelry doesn’t have to be complicated to be lovely. Even the simplest beach glass necklace can be uncommonly beautiful and the perfect accessory to help you sparkle and glow all summer long (or year round if you live near the coast). This super simple, but stunning, sea glass necklace is both elegant and earthy, so it can be easily dressed up or down - making it the perfect go-to necklace for virtually any summer occasion. We’ll show you how to turn your treasured piece of sea glass (or a piece you purchased pre-drilled if you don’t want to drill one yourself) into a stunning necklace using a pinch bail hung from flexible metal coated (or color coated) beading wire and finished off with a lobster claw and chain extender (so you can make the necklace different lengths to go perfectly with different tops/necklines).

We’ve been drilling sea glass for years and have perfected our own technique over time that we feel is pretty simple, safe and successful. This detailed beading tutorial (which includes a thorough materials page with special notes section, color information, over 30 high-resolution full-color photos and easy to follow step-by-step directions), will teach you everything we know about how to drill sea glass, including what types of drill bits work best, how to safely drill the glass with minimal breakage, and how to turn your sea glass into a beautiful necklace you can proudly wear, share or even sell! Be sure to check out our other fun and classy beach glass jewelry designs for cool summer coordinates. As always, thank you for shopping Simple Bead Patterns, and bead happy!

DIY jewelry making beading pattern by Cara & Lane Landry

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Recommended Materials:

  • Sea glass (drilled or un-drilled)
  • Pinch bail
  • Flexible metal or color coated beading wire
  • Jump ring
  • Crimps and crimp covers
  • End clasps
  • Flush cutter, chain nose pliers and a crimper tool
  • Optional - drilling supplies (Dremel and bits - details included in the tutorial), or use pre-drilled sea glass available online (Etsy, Ebay, etc.)

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