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We designed each of these bracelets using a different bead stitching technique. Can you identify each?

Click the down arrow to view which stitch we used for each bracelet.

We used a fun, embellished ladder stitch for our “Bohemian Summer” design.

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The Russian spiral stitch was used to make our “Twinkling Twirl” design.

We found that we really enjoy this stitch and have made quite a few Russian spiral projects for you to try.

Our “Sparkling Spiral” design uses a double spiral stitch.

See more double spiral projects, as well as fun flat spiral and triple spiral beading projects.

This “Netted Treasure” design is one of the first patterns we made, and it uses the tubular netting stitch.

See other types of netting projects, including flat netting, the Russian spiral, and the helix spiral stitch.

Our “Dainty Daisies” design uses the sweet and delicate daisy chain stitch.

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Our “Neptunia Bracelet” design uses the Cellini spiral stitch (which is basically a flat peyote stitch that incorporates several different sizes of beads).

See more Cellini spiral projects, as well as the many other types of peyote projects, including circular peyote, diagonal peyote, flat peyote, tubular peyote, Peyote with a Twist, and the Dutch spiral.

The fun and fascinating twisted herringbone stitch was used in our “Twisted!” design.

See more twisted herringbone projects, including flat herringbone and tubular herringbone.

We used the right angle weave stitch in our “Impressionist” design.

See more right angle weave (RAW) projects, including cubic right angle weave (CRAW) which is a more challenging stitch best for experienced beaders.

We used the relatively new Peyote with a Twist stitch, also referred to as “peytwist” or PWAT, in our “Twisted Peyote” design.

See more Peyote with a Twist projects as well as the many other types of peyote techniques, including the Cellini spiral, Dutch spiral, circular peyote, diagonal peyote, flat peyote, and tubular peyote.

We used the St. Petersburg stitch in our “Designer Chevron” bracelet pattern.

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