This little bird loves our “Flaming Dragon” SuperDuo Bracelet Pattern and is letting everyone know!

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“Lane and Cara’s instructions and photos are the best I’ve experienced – they constantly amaze me with how easy they make bead weaving. This pretty poinsettia bracelet worked up fairly quickly and will look great with the matching earrings. I can’t wait to make the necklace!” – Mary

“The tutorial is the BEST step-by-step I’ve seen. I just ordered other kits. Well done! Thanks for the quick ship, too. :)” – Genelle

Finished Russian spiral Christmas tree earrings

“This pattern is extremely well written. I have made several different patterns from Simple Bead Patterns and they have all been terrific. Some times patterns seem to be written by experienced beaders who take for granted a certain amount of knowledge and expertise. Not so with these patterns. Possible mistakes are anticipated and corrected, steps that might seem obvious are deliniated anyway. Helpful reminders are included throughout. These earrings in particular are pretty and festive and easy to make.” – Margaret

“My favorite business to buy tutorials from! As always, the instructions and accompanying photos are clear and easy to follow, even for a new beader such as myself.” – Snickerdoodlejr

This pattern is so easy and well put together with easy to follow instructions and great pictures. I usually need videos but this was just as great. I finished this in 4 days and it’s stunning. Blue greens on one side and pinks and yellows on the other to match my bright clothes. Any colors can be used and I highly recommend this to anyone, even beginner beaders.” – Jeanelle

“Probably one of the best written tutorials I have seen. Very easy to follow.” – Susan

“What a great tutorial. My first time doing something like this and the directions were so easy to understand.” – Lisa

“Amazing seller! Patterns are so detailed that advanced patterns are easily understood. I’d recommend this shop for those who want to grow as beaders. Plus, they’re generous with permission to sell items made with their patterns.” – Sandy

“I wish every tutorial was so detailed & easy to understand. Excellent use of diagrams and photos. Gotta wonder if they accept “tutorial requests”. If so, they will get ALL of my future business in this regard.” – Leslie

“This tutorial is easy and addictive! I love all the little details including suggested color patterns. I love this shop. Cara and Lane are very helpful and responsive.” – Paula

“Easy to follow instructions, lovely pattern :)” – Shauna

“It really is all in the name… I’m amazed at how *simple* this was to make!!! I was a little nervous buying this, because I’ve never made anything that looked as complex as this before, but the instructions are SO easy to follow with crisp, clear pictures for every step. Everything came packaged nicely and clearly labeled so it was easy to get started right away, and I love the results!! I’ve gotten several compliments on it already. 🙂 I look forward to trying more kits in the future!” – Blueleopard87

“Such a great pattern. Very easy to see and understand. Have no worries and shop with confidence here. This is what I’ve done so far with your pattern…..” – Orislight

“Great pattern, pretty easy to follow made multiple gifts already!” – Mia

“This is a great pattern! The directions are so easy to follow, with very down to earth language! I made it to match a bracelet I made.” – Vickie

“This is without a doubt the most detailed peyote pattern I have ever purchased. Very well explained, great pictures, and a fun project. Your detailed instructions make it perfect even for any beginner to attempt. Well-done! The pattern suggests round seed beads, but I used delicas and it turned out great. Thank you!” – Joan

“Very thorough tutorial! Very detailed and helpful – addresses “hang ups” that may be encountered in the process. I’m pretty sure that I owe my successful 1st attempt at a bead-embroidered cabochon to this awesome tutorial! Thank you!” – Susan

“Couldn’t ask for a more detailed tutorial.” – Stacy

“A beautiful pattern just begging to be made with a variety of bead types! The crystal clear instructions are backed up with excellent photographs, and my tutorial arrived immediately upon payment. Very easy to follow; I highly recommend Lane and Cara’s tutorials.” – Mary

“Very clear pattern with clear photos” – Lacey

“The pattern was easy to follow and ended up beautiful.” – sjacks68

“The kit came beautifully packaged, with all of the supplies needed, except for tools as stated. The directions were very easy to follow for a first timer. The bracelet came out beautifully. I will be looking for my next project with simple bead patterns.” – Dawn

“This pattern was well written and easy to follow! I’m more of a visual learner so the photos were super helpful. Thank you.” – Christy

“Arrived quickly and we’ll packed. Have finished the bracelet. Great tutorial with photos for every step.” – Jan

This was a simple and easy pattern to follow. I really enjoyed it as a beginner pattern. The instructions “were very clear to follow.” – Cheyenne

“I’ve always wanted to try tassel earrings! Thank you for a clear, easy tutorial” – Amy

“Of all the daisy chains out there this is the most elegant and precise one ever; thank you, Cara! Fun and fast, and it’s just as pretty with 8/0 beads as with the 11/0s.” – Mary

“Easy to follow pattern, lovely result.” – Linda

“Excellent pattern, lots of pictures, beautiful results” – Terrie

“This pattern was well written and easy to follow! I’m more of a visual learner so the photos were super helpful. Thank you.” – Cindy

“The bracelet is so pretty and the instructions were very detailed. The seller is committed to ensuring that her customers are happy with their purchases.” – Margo

“The pattern is very detailed and easy to follow. I’m excited to make several of these for gifts!” – Alex

“The tutorial was very thorough and everything needed to make the candy canes was included” [in the kit]. – Sandy and Nastassia

“VERY clear instructions with great instructional photos. Very detailed materials page. I’ve made my first icicle so far and I love the slinky feel. It’s easy and quick to make one. I will be ordering a lot of beads to make many of these before Christmas for my own tree and as gifts. I appreciate the professionalism of this product. Thank you!” – Reimar44

“Extremely thorough directions..lots of pictures. My earrings turned out beautiful! Thanks so much for great instructions. AAA+++” – Denise

“This bracelet design is adorable, and works up quickly. I so enjoyed making it that as soon as I got into the rhythm of the directions I automatically slipped into my Happy Place and before I knew it, the bracelet was too long for me! That’s good news for a friend though; I’ll have to make another one for me! I’ve done a lot of the Landry Ladies’ Simple Bead Patterns, and they have all been wonderful. I highly recommend these tutorials.” – Mary

“Wonderful, clear instructions. I’ve made 2 so far to give as gifts – the next one is for me!” – Donna

“This is the first time I’ve ever beaded and it was so easy! The instructions were very detailed and had great pictures! I will definitely be buying more patterns from this shop!” – Jordan

“I love this beading pattern! It offers so many design options just by changing the bead colors. I was able to make 4th of July earrings using red, white and blue beads. The pattern was simple and they work up quickly. Thanks so much.” – Patricia

“The instructions were so clear I did not struggle making these earrings. I’m still a beginner bearer. Excited to make them in more colors!” – Cindy

“simple and beautiful bracelet to make for the summertimes:) loved it ! I added some 4mm pearls in the mix as well. I think you can use pretty much anything round with the seeds.” – Molly

“This has been a joy to make! One of my favorites so far.” – Shae

“I love love this pattern! Already created 2 bracelets… thank you!” – Dawn

“Easy to follow, with clear images and instructions. I had no guesswork following.” – Tara

“This bracelet was really fun to make, and fast, too – it almost took longer to choose my beads than it did to make it. The directions were excellent, the delivery quick, and the finished items something to be proud of. I highly recommend Cara and Lane’s tutorials.” – Mary

“Easy to follow instructions.” – Maria

“Currently beading this gorgeous necklace. As always with SBP, the pattern is easy to read and provides useful tips to ensure a successful and stress-free project.” – Harpunstrung

“Fun and easy to follow!” – Nancy

“These are very realistic looking and I love wearing them. Very nice and easy to follow pattern!” – Linda

“Love this bracelet pattern! It is easy to follow and the bracelet I made for my daughter is so cute!” – Theresa

“Great pattern! I made a white pendant and my 10 year old helped make this with pony beads to use as a wall decoration.” – Ann

“Fun pattern! I haven’t beaded in a while and found these easy to do. Thank you.” – Amy

“Cute and quick design! I’d made similar bracelets in the past, and it was fun to make these coordinating earrings with 15/0s.” – Erin

“Great pattern, very easy to read. The 5 sample color combinations are stunning and so helpful! 😍 I’m making a July 4 bracelet for my beastie first.” – Rhonda

“With such quick delivery, detailed directions, helpful photos, and cheerful assistance if you need it, there is plenty of time to whip up these dazzling Christmas tree earrings before the holidays. This pattern is a great way to learn the Russian spiral stitch, and a fun opportunity to use whatever colors you like. Thanks again, Lane & Cara, for all the fun hours you’ve provided!” – Mary

“Great step by step tutorial. Easy to understand and follow. Thank you.” – Diána

“Thank you. Instructions were clear and I was very happy with how the necklace and earrings turned out. I used lapis lazuli and carnelian beads.” – Midriver

“Excellent well put together kit. Great tutorial. I will buy from Cara and Lane again.” – Amy

“Great pattern! I made a beautiful pendant from it. Lots of pictures and great instructions.” – BugQH

“Great instructions with clear illustrations/photos. Thank you for sharing your design!” – Deanna

“Wonderful pattern and very clear instructions! Thank you very much!” – Daria

“This Cleopatra Bracelet Pattern arrived as soon as I paid for it; the directions are super-clear, and the photos make it a piece of cake to make. And it works up so pretty and festive it’s like wearing a party on your wrist! I texted a picture of it when I was halfway through making it to some friends and all 4 of them wanted one, too. This pattern will definitely be in my gift rotation this year!” – Mary

“Excellent tutorial and nicely packaged kit. Fast shipping.” – Amy

“Easy to follow pattern. Beautiful result!” – Karen

“Such a fun pattern! I really enjoyed making these, very detailed, clear instructions- well done!” – Julie

“Cute ring pattern. Very easy to follow.” – Heidi

“I LOVE this tutorial. I love the detailed information on the gorgeous color combinations. Russian Spiral is easy when you get the hang of it and I am addicted to it. I added charms to my bracelet.” – Paula

“These earrings are choice – their sparkle factor alone guarantees they’ll be admired! I ordered the tutorial in the morning and had a gorgeous pair of earrings made & ready to wear by afternoon; they were that fast to arrive & easy to make. They’re my favorite earrings and will make perfect gifts, too.” – Mary

“Lovely pattern, easy to understand and make. I substituted 3mm round beads for the bicones (it’s what I had!) and added two more 15/0 seed beads around it to compensate for the larger circumference!” – Circebee

“These directions and the kit — amazing. I love this pattern. See pic for the use I’ve made of it so far.” – Genelle

“Very easy to follow with detailed colorful pictures of every step. Great job!” – Stacey

“Awesome, easy to follow, clear pattern and beautiful design! I haven’t picked up my beads in years so I am a little rusty but I made this in a day!! TY so much! I’ll be back!!” – Kim

“These adorable earrings beaded up so fast that I had 3 pairs done in one sitting; add that to quick delivery and clear instructions and it’s another winning project from Lane & Cara. I love these “Whoville” designs – having the “Warm Fuzzies” is nice, but the “Whoville Happies” really rock!” – Mary

“Great pattern and easy to follow instructions. The bracelet is beautiful!!” – Isew3

“Really excellent instructions – very clear and easy to follow. I am so happy with how they turn out!” – Alicia

“Lovely , versatile & well illustrated, easy to follow pattern. Look forward to making it again in different color combinations. Thank you for a beautiful design.” – Mika

“I consider myself to be an experienced beader and I tried to make my own pattern for a blackberry but couldn’t quite get the shape right. This pattern addresses this perfectly with some clever increases and decreases in the peyote making the perfect berry shape. I modified the calyx slightly to suit my needs and I’m delighted with the finished result.” – Carol

“Pretty earrings with really great directions; they didn’t take nearly as long to make as I thought they would. They look especially great with this half Tila collar pattern from this same store. Wearing them makes me feel like royalty!” – Mary

“The directions are straightforward and easy to follow, especially if you already have experience doing peyote stitch. The step by step images were especially helpful. This ring was a quick and fun make!” – Rapscallion4

“I love this pattern! Great instructions and neatly packaged kit! Works up quickly.” – Amy

“The instructions were great and very thorough! The piece came out great and once I got the pattern down it went fairly quick.” – Cilena

“Simple instruction for nice little berries :)” – Wiebke

“This tutorial arrived promptly with easy directions and clear photos, and I love how versatile it is – I was able to use some of the overflow of beads (not even the ones it calls for) I already had AND it was easy to make my bracelets any width I liked. This is also one of the quicker items I’ve made, so: almost-instant gratification! A really fun pattern.” – Mary

“Fun project to make. Directions were easy to follow” – Deborah

“I found this tutorial very easy to follow and the earrings turned out beautifully. I’m making another pair tonight.” – Alice

“Clear instructions, and easy to use.” – Amy

“Easy to follow pattern and fun to make. This bracelet is beautiful!” – Theresa

“Fun to make. Looking forward to new tutorials.” – Meta

“These were a fun challenge; I haven’t done much herringbone stitch. I’ll be making many more!” – Kelly

“The tutorial for this easy, elegant necklace arrived immediately. The straightforward written instructions and clear photos took any guesswork out of the equation and made it a joy to make, which is perfect since 3 friends want me to make one for them, too!” – Mary

“Just the design I needed. Easy to follow instructions.” – Beverly

“Easy to follow, clear instructions. Was able to transform my boyfriend’s stretchy bracelet into a more masculine Shamballa-style bracelet using this tutorial. Thanks!” – Cooksmith7

“I love that I found a simple way to dress up some glasswork beads I’ve had. Instructions were clear as always.” – Stacy

“The instructions are easy to follow and the photos help out so much.” -Maria

“Be careful: you could gain weight making this fun bracelet -it’s easy as pie and a piece of cake, and irresistible on top of that! This tutorial arrived immediately upon payment and the directions and photos are both clear as a bell. Go for it – it’s a ton of fun to make! I’m going for one in every color!” – Mary

“Super clear instructions for me as a beginner. Lovely clear pictures. Made one earring just got to make the other now.” – Velvet

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